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Cracked Concrete Wall

With a next-generation particle accelerator, fugitive Russian nuclear chemist, Yuri Drake reaches the fabled Island of Stability and creates super heavy element 126, unbihexium, possessing extraterrestrial properties. Using it Drake and a team of engineers design an extraordinary new energy storage device powerful enough to transform global transportation, eliminate carbon emissions and halt climate change. But, news of their success leaks to Dimitry Stanov, a Russian oligarch who has sought Drake since his mysterious disappearance five years ago. A botched attempt to take Drake hostage results in a motorcycle accident leaving him near death. As orthopedic trauma surgeon Mark Thurman and third-year ER resident, Dr. Carmen Black try to save Drake’s life they make a shocking discovery that propels them on a mission to find the one person who can unlock the secrets of the scientist’s past. Stanov refuses to be denied control of element 126 and unleashes his vast underworld resources to recover Drake’s missing research files containing directions to the island of stability.



Cracked Concrete Wall
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Tragedy strikes America's darling three-year-old Thoroughbred, Hyperion, when he's injured in a Kentucky Derby qualifying race. Drs. Mark Thurman and Claire Hodgson are asked to treat his broken limb using their revolutionary fracture-healing methods, but when other experimental subjects begin developing life-threatening complications, the rescue project is jeopardized. Then a serendipitous discovery suggests a miraculous new drug made from a rare plant source may cure the problem. Claire travels to a remote jungle laboratory where she meets with Meera Jindal, the woman who made the breakthrough. When the formula is stolen and the two scientists vanish, Mark calls on his friend, John Bristow, who assembles an elite team of ex-Special Forces operators that race to pick up their trail. A rogue pharmaceutical CEO and a cartel drug lord aim to stop them and make sure Hyperion never races again.



Cracked Concrete Wall

This book was a finalist for the 2019 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award in the Thriller category.


A decade ago Dr. Mark Thurman took care of John Bristow and his DEVGRU teammates when he was on active duty assigned as their orthopedic surgeon. Now he’s in civilian practice and this morning Bristow was admitted to his trauma center. Thurman and his research partner, stem-cell biologist Claire Hodgson, decide to attempt a miracle and reconstruct his shattered leg using their latest discovery. Thurman soon realizes his patient is more than a retired Navy SEAL with a fortune of natural gas saturating his farmland. Bristow’s hiding something and the killers are coming back to finish the job. To succeed Thurman will have to outwit a KGB-trained assassin plus an energy company desperate for revenue. All he wanted to do was heal his patient and advance medical research--it won’t be that easy. These days, for Thurman, survival seems like a long shot.

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